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About Source Medicine

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Introduction to Source Medicine

Source Medicine is a new wellbeing approach akin to homoeopathy and based on many of its principles and practices. It is a way of tapping into the vital essence of life to create Source Resonances (in the form of sounds or pills) to support wellbeing and inner awakening.

This process was originally devised by Peter Chappell in Ethiopia in 2002, and has been collaboratively evolved since then with Leilani van Koten.

Source Resonances have been shown to be highly effective in supporting wellbeing and recovery from infection in rural, traditional cultures, for instance for for people exposed to infectious disease like HIV, malaria, leprosy etc. (See www.arhf.nl. for details of African projects.)

For use in the west and industrialised societies, Source Resonances can be integrated into classical homeopathy as an additional support or used alongside a range of therapeutic approaches. Our wellbeing app is designed to provide tailor-made programmes to support wellbeing and self-healing for people with some of the more complex Western health issues.

We see all life experiences as an invitation to conscious evolution; all illness as a wake-up call to help us on our path - individually or collectively. It may be that an illness highlights some unresolved infection or trauma, or inherited family pattern. Source Resonances are designed to support us in evolving through the effects of these unresolved issues so that we can wake up more fully to who we truly are.

There is more information for practitioners available on our Practitioner Page.

Charitable Work

Source Medicine supports a range of charitable and non-profit projects and organisations, for example The Amma Resonance Healing Foundation through donations, discounts, free resonances and advice.

Amma4Africa: Since 2007 the Amma Resonance Healing Foundation has been running charitable projects in Africa using PC Remedies (the original form of Source Resonances). ARHF has highly successful projects supporting wellbeing in people with malaria, HIV and trauma (eg from war, genocide, natural catastrophe). For more information visit: ARHF.