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Introduction to Source Medicine

Source Medicine is a new development akin to homoeopathy, based on many of its principles and practices and using a new form of resonance, produced as pills and sounds.

Developed in sub-saharan Africa, Source Resonances (previously PC Remedies) are highly effective as stand-alone treatments in rural, traditional cultures, for instance for treating African infectious disease like HIV, malaria, leprosy etc. (See www.arhf.nl. for details of African projects.)

For use in the west and urban societies, Source Resonances can be integrated into a homeopathic approach. For optimal results, we have also developed the Source Medicine TIPPs System to address some of the issues of treating chronic diseases and dysfunctions in the west.

We see all life experiences as an invitation to conscious evolution; all illness as a wake-up call to help us on our path. It may be that illness highlights some unresolved trauma that we can then work with, release and learn from, thus helping us along our path.

Source Medicine Sound Healing

We have a range of Supported Self-help Programmes, Enhancers and First Aid audio Resonances available via this website. See our Self-help Zone for details. Source Medicine Sound Healing can also be used by practitioners trained in our TIPPs System or ABC Protocol (currently in development).

Source Resonances

Source Resonances are a vehicle for manifesting the new unfolding of old knowledge and are made as a resonant imprint on a carrier medium, currently a digital sound file or water and ethanol. They have the effect of resolving inherited and acquired limiting traits, allowing us to wake up within and to live more of our potential.

Source Resonances are both similar to, and different from, conventional homeopathic remedies. From the time of the founder, Samuel Hahnemann, conventional homeopathic remedies have been made from naturally occurring material sources (minerals plants, animals) and sometimes from non-material source like magnetism. Homeopathic remedies use a process of potentisation, repetitive dilution and succussion to tap into the specific vitalising force essence of the material substance.

In Source Medicine, the phrase ‘source resonance’ is akin to ‘vital force essence’ and, in making Source Resonances, we go directly to the vitalising source, rather than using the process of potentiation. This process was originally devised by Peter Chappell in Ethiopia in 2002, and has been collaboratively evolved since then with Leilani van Koten. (See History for more information.)

The specific source resonance is tapped into by creating a receiving vehicle (the Resonance Receiver) equivalent to, but different from, a mortar and pestle. This Receiver incorporates crystalline granite stone, electromagnetic and holographic components and love and is connected directly to Source through a process of Conscious Source Alignment. Leilani and Peter co-facilitate the connection and use a precise spoken and written intention to request the specific form of resonance. The resonance is then embedded into either ethanol and water supplied by a homeopathic pharmacy, or into a digital sound file of, for instance, sea waves held on a purified MP3 memory stick.

Instead of potentiation, the pharmacies are required to replicate the Source Resonances in a simplified version of potentiation involving dilution and limited succussion so as to have a permanent supply without modifying the resonance.

None of the resonances or remedies are medicines in any conventional sense of the word, and the liquids (and pills made from the liquids) have no active chemical constituents. (See Helios Pharmacy website for details of the blank pills used.) The use of the word 'medicine' refers to the intention of supporting well-being and conscious evolution. Where Source Resonances are used with the intention of supporting well-being, they are complementary to conventional treatments and are not intended as a substitute for medical care.

See also Source Work for more information.

The Intention of the Resonances

In Source Medicine, illness, trauma and life experiences are all seen as an invitation to wake up to the fundamental divine nature of all being and to take steps on one’s inner life journey. Based on this understanding, the core intention in requesting the Source Resonances is awakening and the Annunciation of the Divine within All. This is also our Source Medicine blessing - see our free resonances.

Types of Resonances

There are several types of Source Resonances:

The full title of each Source Resonance is designed to be used for contemplation or as an affirmation while using the Resonance, to support its integration.

There is more information for practitioners available on our Practitioner Page.

Charitable Work

Source Medicine supports a range of charitable and non-profit projects and organisations, for example The Amma Resonance Healing Foundation through donations, discounts, free resonances and advice.

Amma4Africa: Since 2007 the Amma Resonance Healing Foundation has been running charitable projects in Africa using PC Remedies (the original form of Source Resonances) with consistently effective results. ARHF has highly successful projects treating malaria, HIV and trauma (eg from war, genocide, natural catastrophe). For more information visit: ARHF.

Charitable projects: If you are using Source Resonances for charitable or non-profit purposes (i.e. not charging money and working with people who would not be able to pay) you may be eligible for discounts on some pill Source Resonances. Our audio Source Resonances are also an excellent, low cost option for charitable work, where there is internet access avaiable. Please contact us with details of your work and we will consider your request. For charitable work in rural, traditional cultures contact ARHF for support.

Please note:

If you are using (PC) Source Resonances in a charitable capacity we would love to hear about your work.

Donate to support our work