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Source Resonances

Source Medicine is a new development akin to homoeopathy, based on many of its principles and practices and using a new form of resonance. Source Resonances are produced as pills and sounds which are imprinted with information that supports the body’s natural healing ability.

Developed in sub-saharan Africa, Source Resonances (previously PC Remedies) are highly effective as stand-alone treatments in rural, traditional cultures, for instance for treating African infectious disease like HIV, malaria, leprosy etc. (See www.arhf.nl. for details of African projects.)

For use in the west and urban societies, Source Resonances can be integrated into a classical homeopathic approach. For optimal results, we have also developed the Source Medicine TIPPs System to address some of the issues of treating chronic diseases and dysfunctions in the west.

Audio Source Resonances

The Source Medicine sound resonances are one minute long audio tracks using the meditative quality of waves combined with affirmations. This technology was developed in 2005 in response to the practical difficulties of responding swiftly to an epidemic, with the issues of cost and time required to supply physical remedies. Developed out of a background in homeopathy and engineering and through understanding the physical resonances as simply a resonant imprint in a liquid carrier medium, it was possible to come up with the idea of using a digital file as the carrier medium instead. This was then tested in clinics in Africa with dramatic results, confirming the efficacy of this concept. (See ARHF website for details.)

Audio resonances available via the internet offer low cost, instant access to treatments for any number of people, and have been used extensively in a wide range of situations and countries since.

Constituents of Source Resonances

None of the resonances are medicines in any conventional sense of the word, and the liquids (and pills made from the liquids) have no active chemical constituents. The use of the word 'medicine' refers to the intention of supporting well-being and conscious evolution. Where Source Resonances are used with the intention of supporting well-being, they are complementary to conventional treatments and are not intended as a substitute for medical care.