Audio and Pill Source Resonances

Source Medicine Sound Healing: Transformational healing in the digital age.

  • Enhancers and Openers
  • First Aid Source Resonances
  • Balancers for nutrients and body systems
  • TIPPs Releasers for Toxins, Infections, Physical and Psychological trauma
  • A limited range of Revealers for chronic conditions/diseases.

Please note that Chrome and Internet Explorer are not reliable browsers for streaming the audio links. See here for more details.

To search for a particular resonance in any of the lists, you can use the 'Find' key shortcuts as follows:

  • For PCs, hold the 'control' key and press F, then type in the word you are searching for.
  • For macs, hold the 'command' key and press F, then type in the word you are searching for.

In order to make the resonances financially accessible to all, we offer these audio resonances by donation (i.e. please pay something; you decide how much). This approach relies on trusting everyone to pay what they can and that those who can pay more do pay more.

Please give generously to support our work and to enable us to make this available worldwide.

Practitioners/projects: although you can make an unlimited number of client links from an audio, please consider this when making your payment.

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You will have access to self-help, first aid or practitioner level resonances depending on how you registered on the website.

Combined Audio and Pill Lists

First Aid Source Resonances

For those registered on the site for First Aid access.

There are also Self-help audio Enhancer and Opener Source Resonances which are avaliable here to all who are registered on the website.

For Practitioners Only:

Note re. subtitles:

There are standard subtitles as follows, for the different classes of Source Resonances:

  • SR Releasers: 'Supporting evolving through all the effects of...'
  • SR Revealers: 'Revealing and resolving the pattern behind...'
  • SR Enhancers: 'Resolving all impediments to...'
  • SR Nutrient Balancers: 'Balancing, and aligning with the intelligent message of...'
  • SR System Balancers: 'Balancing, and aligning with the innate wisdom of...'
  • Where the subtitles differ from these, they are listed in the above list. Some of the longer ones are abbreviated but may be found in the audio listing.
  • SR Openers and SR Tools have custom-made subtitles.

Contact Source Medicine if you want to change your access level.

Pill Source Resonances

  • TIPPs Releasers for Toxins, Infections, Physical and Psychological trauma
  • The full range of Revealers for chronic conditions/diseases.
  • Balancers for nutrients and body systems.
  • First Aid Source Resonances

We only support the use of Source Resonances supplied by us or our affiliated pharmacies as rigorous pharmacy standards are required and Source Resonances are duplicated differently from homeopathic remedies. We have encountered problems in the past with sub-standard copying (see Troubleshooting Guide) and we wish to ensure that patients receive the full benefit of the Source Resonances. We appreciate your support in maintaining the reputation of the resonances in this way. We also rely on the income from the resonance sales to support the development of this work.

These Source Resonances are available to purchase from our affiliated pharmacies.
Click here to be directed to resonance lists, codes and ordering details.

A portion of the income from sale of these resonances goes to support The Amma Resonance Healing Foundation (ARHF) and their work in Africa.

Pill Source Resonances were previously known as PC Remedies. Where relevant, the original PC number codes can still be used for ordering by substituting SR for PC.

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For use with animals, see here.

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If a prescription is not as effective as expected, please see our Troubleshooting Guide.

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