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Purchasing Audio Source Resonances

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You may want to browse the audio titles here first and then return to this page to make your payment. Select the list that matches your account access (member, first aid or practitioner access).

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Pricing guidelines for Individuals and Private Practitioners

Below are the concessionary rates for individuals and private practitioners. Payment is by sliding scale (based on global income variation). Please pay generously to support our work and to enable us to make this accessible to all, worldwide.

Note: Organisations and funded projects are invited to arrange a license for use of Source Resonances. Please contact Source Medicine to discuss this.

Suggested prices are for each client link made (or for personal use of one resonance). Payment can be made for several client links at a time. Links last for 3 months.

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The following Financial Hardship scale is primarily in order to make the audio resonances available to people in rural, traditional cultures with minimal income:

Financial Hardship £0 - £5 per link.

Please give as generously as you are able, bearing in mind that people in Western countries have an average purchasing power of over 30 times those in the poorest countries of the world (see Cost of Living Index).

If purchasing multiple links then you may choose to pay a reduced amount, on a 'Pay what it's worth' basis.

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When you have paid you will be redirected to the page of audio resonances where you can select the appropriate item.

Please note that Internet Explorer is not a reliable browser for streaming the audio links. Firefox is recommended. See here for technical support.

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Practitioner instructions

Client Links and Personalising Details

When practitioners are making client links we recommend adding place of birth and place of current residence (including the overarching governing body e.g. EU) to the 'mother tongue' field.

Practitioner instructions for making a client audio link

Numeric Resonances

Some audio Resonances are listed with their full title and then separately with just a code. This is to allow practitioners to prescribe Resonances addressing certain sensitive issues without the client seeing the full title when using it, for instance SR Releasing Sexual Abuse; SR Releasing Syphilis, SR Releasing Rape Trauma, SR Releasing Murder Trauma, SR Releasing Persecution.

Practitioners: To find the titles, see Numeric List.

Pill Source Resonances

For practitioners and First Aid.

(Previously known as PC Remedies. Where relevant, the original PC number codes can still be used for ordering by substituting SR for PC.)

First Aid Source Resonances

Available to those registered on the website for First Aid access.

Practitioner Source Resonance Lists:

To search for a particular resonance in any of the lists, you can use the 'Find' key shortcuts as follows:

  • For PC computers, hold the 'control' key and press F, then type in the word you are searching for.
  • For macs, hold the 'command' key and press F, then type in the word you are searching for.

Numeric List of pill Source Resonances

Groups and Categories List of pill Source Resonances

Combined Alphabetical List of available audio and pill Source Resonances

Source Resonance Subtitles:

There are standard subtitles as follows, for the different classes of Source Resonances:

  • SR Releasers: 'Supporting evolving through all the effects of...'
  • SR Revealers: 'Revealing and resolving the pattern behind...'
  • SR Enhancers: 'Resolving all impediments to...'
  • SR Nutrient Balancers: 'Balancing, and aligning with the intelligent message of...'
  • SR System Balancers: 'Balancing, and aligning with the innate wisdom of...'
  • Where the subtitles differ from these, they are listed in the above list. Some of the longer ones are abbreviated but may be found in the audio listing.
  • SR Openers and SR Tools have custom-made subtitles.

Special requests for resonances

If you cannot find the resonance that you are looking for, please see our Frequently Asked Questions for information about making a request.


If a prescription is not as effective as expected, please see our Troubleshooting Guide.

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