Coronavirus Prevention and Treatment

The new research audio resonance, SR Releasing Coronaviruses, has been specifically made by Source Medicine for the prevention and treatment of the current coronavirus outbreak.

Register here (as a practitioner or for first aid use) to access the personalised audio.

See here for high sensitivity guidelines, if needed.


For protection from coronavirus infection, listen to this audio track for three minutes, once, and then repeat for one minute daily for a week, after which you change to once weekly as long as the outbreak lasts.


For treatment of the infection, also listen to the audio for three minutes, once, and then repeat for one minute every half an hour. Make the intervals longer as soon as improvement sets in and stop when fully well.

Important Note

This is a research resonance is not to be used as a substitute for appropriate medical care and is as yet untested.
Please do give us feedback about it's effectiveness - thank you.

Download for rural, traditional cultures

Wherever possible, we recommend using the personalised, streamed audio from this website, especially for Westerners and people with high sensitivity (click to see more). However, in the case of coronavirus, we have taken the unusual step of making a download version available (click here) to improve accessibility in rural China, India, sub-saharan Africa etc. which are particularly at risk. (This is made possible because we are dealing with a new epidemic infection which doesn't have historical miasm concerns in the west.) Please do forward this to any contacts you have in countries at risk - thank you.

Practitioners and Organisations

Details for practitioners about ordering the pill version of the resonance can be found here and the ordering code is available to practitioners here.

For use by organisations or funded projects, please contact us regarding license arrangements.

Source Medicine

Source Medicine creates, supplies and researches the use of Source Resonances to support wellbeing and the evolution of consciousness worldwide. This innovative technology treats specific epidemic diseases through natural methods of stimulating immune responses, delivered by listening to an audio recording of sea waves breaking on the seashore.

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Feedback from a recipient:

Thank you so much for the free resonance (for the) Coronavirus infection. What a wonderful present you guys have given us! I have sent it on to many people and it’s amazing to see how happy they are with it! It seems to quiet down the worries everybody seems to have about the contagiousness of the coronavirus and it gives them a tool...