Source Medicine Crowd Funding

Crowd Fund our Dementia Research Trial

Support us in researching the use of healing sound to relieve symptoms of dementia. See here for details.

Crowd Fund a Resonance

Pledge towards the cost of a new Source Resonance.

Contact Source Medicine to pledge £20.


The standard total cost for resonance production is £100, with 20% off for audios only and an additional 20% off if the pills are already in the pharmacies.

There is an additional cost for:

  • more complex issues or diseases;
  • resonances that require developing and testing new concepts;
  • resonances that require significant supporting information and guidance.

If the resonance that you would like to pledge for is not listed below, contact us and we will consider the suitability of the request. If we do list it, you may want to write a paragraph describing why you are requesting crowd funding for this resonance for inclusion in the Source Medicine Newsletter.

See here for lists of currently available audio and pill (PC) Source Resonances. See our Frequently Asked Questions page if you would like to make a Special Requests.

Pledges received

Audio and pills - Total cost £100

Audios only - Total cost £80

Audios only (already in the pharmacies) - Total cost £60

Audios and pills - additional cost (which will be calculated if there is interest in these concepts)

Audios only - additional cost (which will be calculated if there is interest in these concepts)

Contact Source Medicine to pledge £20.

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