Sound Healing for Dementia: Research Study

We are looking for individuals with dementia who would like to be part of our three month study.

The study includes listening to healing sounds called Source Resonances. These resonances are created by tapping into the vital essence of being and are designed to re-activate the individual's inbuilt healing capacity. They work wonderfully well in Africa and already work to some extent for westerners. To improve on this, we have developed a new way of using the resonances in the west and that is what we are testing in this dementia study.

The study involves questionnaires, regular on-line appointments (Skype, Zoom or Jitsi) and listening to a Source Resonance, generally daily. You will need a friend (study partner) to help you with the programme. (More details below.)

Could this be for you?

The client will be someone who:

The client will also have a study partner: someone who knows the client well, sees them at least once a week and is available to support the client’s participation in the study and observe their progress.

Both the study partner and the client will speak English, have access to e-mail and Skype (Zoom or Jitsi) and be willing to fill in forms and questionnaires and attend regular on-line appointments, on a 'by donation' basis.

With the support of carers or their study partner, the client will be willing and able to:

In participating in this study, the client gives permission for Source Medicine to use, share and publish the results of the study, while maintaining client confidentiality.

The Clinic

The Source Medicine Sound Healing Research Clinic is run by co-directors Peter Chappell and Leilani van Koten. See the Clinic page for details and what to expect.

To be considered for participating in the study you will need to complete some preliminary questionnaires. If we are not able to accept you into the study, we will give you details of practitioners who may be able to help you. If you are enrolled on the study, it is offered on a 'by donation' basis for three months. After this time, if you require further treatment, we can refer you to a practitioner with experience using Source Resonances.

Do contact us if you would like further information, or complete this Preliminary Questionnaire.

Donate to Source Medicine

The Source Medicine Research Clinic is currently funded entirely by client donations and all treatment is offered on a 'by donation' basis. We ask clients to donate for each appointment according to ability and to consider therapist fees and concession rates in their own country. Please give as generously as you can so that our work can be financially accessible to all.