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How do I buy Source Resonances (for me or for clients)? (Previously PC Remedies.)

Can I make a Special Request?

What do I do if a Source Resonance isn't working?

Are Source Resonances safe to use when pregnant or breastfeeding?

Can I use Source Resonances for animals?

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How do I buy Source Resonances (for me or for clients)?

To purchase Source Resonances (previously PC Remedies) as audios or pills go to Source Resonances in the top menu bar and then select audios or pills.

The audio Source Resonances can be purchased and streamed from the website: Audio Resonances. Practitioners can make prescription links to e-mail to clients by purchasing the audio resonance then clicking 'Make client link' and entering the client's details. This link will last for three months. Audio Source Resonances are only available for live streaming from the website and are not available for downloading as we continue to work actively with the resonances on the website after they are uploaded.

For the pills, find the relevant code on the resonance lists then contact one of our affiliated pharmacies to make your order. See details here. Contact the pharmacies direct for current prices.

There is also information, training material, resources and guidance on the preparation of prescriptions in the Practitioner Zone (see top menu bar).

To see these resources and the lists of practitioner resonances you do need to be registered on our website as a practitioner (see top right of home page).

The pills can be used to make up prescription bottles of liquid for patients. Go to the Practitioner Zone to access practitioner resources including instructions for preparing prescriptions.

Can I make a Special Request?

If you can’t find the Source Resonance that you are looking for you could try a more generic (general) one as that may cover the issue or contact us to check if there is another suitable resonance available. Otherwise, if there is a resonance that you would like to request, please contact us with details of what you are looking for and we will consider your request. There is a charge for this service.

Please note: Practitioner Resonances are only supplied to practitioners. If you are a member of the public ordering a Practitioner Resonance for yourself (for instance Revealers for chronic diseases) please also put us in contact with your practitioner.

Prices for Special Requests

The cost of this service varies depending on how common the issue is and the amount of in-depth research and development that is required.

Organisations and funded projects: Generally from £500 per resonance, payable in advance.

Concessions for audios may be available where there are financial constraints.

Individual Practitioner Concessionary Rate:

  • Generally from £100 (or by arrangement) for audio and liquid. Payable in advance.

  • 20% off for audio only, or for the liquid version of an audio Source Resonance that is already available.

  • Additional 20% off for an audio version of Source Resonances already available in the pharmacies.

Further discounts for audios may be available on request where there is financial hardship.

The standard price includes a bottle of the liquid Source Resonance, a link for the audio version and postage. The Special Request will be despatched within a month of finalising the resonance, unless significant background research is required.

When considering making a resonance request for a chronic condition/disease, please bear in mind that it can be helpful to first explore and treat the possible TIPPs issues behind the condition, looking at both the personal and the family history. Revealer Source Resonances for chronic diseases are generally best used as part of a programme of homeopathic prescribing; as part of the Source Medicine ABC; or as an adjuct to the Source Medicine TIPPs System, and are not recommended as a stand-alone treatment.

See Source Work for more details about how the Source Resonances are produced.

Source Resonance Suggestions

If you have an idea that you would like to suggest rather than specifically request, please contact us and we will put it on our suggestions list for future consideration.

What do I do if a Source Resonance isn't working?

If a resonance is not as effective as expected, please see our Troubleshooting Guide.

Are Source Resonances safe to use when pregnant or breastfeeding?

Through coming into being in this world, children are exposed to the energetic imprint of the mother's issues so the treatment of these issues is to the child's benefit as well as the mother's. The thing to be aware of is high sensitivity issues and our recommendation is to use the High Sensitivity Protocol when working with pregnant or breastfeeding women and to monitor the child's response to resonances as well as the mother's.

Can I use Source Resonances for animals?

These resonances have not yet been researched for use with animals, although a number of people have reported using them effectively with their pets and there are vets who use them routinely in their practice. Our understanding is that the Source Resonances developed for human use can be used in the same way with animals (for instance parasites, traumas, cancers, infections) provided that the disease process or issues is comparable to the human process.

If you do use Source Resonances with animals we would welcome feedback about the result.

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