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Independent Practitioner List

This is a list of practitioners who use Source Resonances (audios plus pill (PC) Source Resonances) in a variety of ways. Some of the practitioners have studied the Source Medicine TIPPS System and use this in their practice. They work independently of Source Medicine and you can contact them directly using the contact details below.

For people with a rural, traditional cultural background and lifestyle, like sub-saharan Africa, contact ARHF regarding treatment options. See their website

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Active members of the Source Medicine Research Network:

Oonagh Taeger, Homeopath, DHom (UK), PCH., Pennsylvania, USA.

Source Medicine TIPPS System; Homeoprophylaxis; specializing in supporting clients to self-heal chronic patterns of dis-ease and body/mind/energetic imbalance, including those that manifest as allergic, autoimmune and neurological conditions.

Mary Baenen, Homeopath, HMP, C.HP., Idaho, USA.

Source Medicine TIPPs System; specialising in vaccination damage, homeoprophylaxis, EMF sensitivity and drug issues.

Louise Bakley, Homeopath, DMH, Maine, USA.

Source Medicine TIPPs System; children, adolescents and men and women of all ages.

Beverly Welbourne, Homeopath in Blue Ash, Ohio, USA.

Classical Homeopath, Oriental Medicine, Biofeedback.

Amina Nanić, Holistic Doula, Zagreb, Croatia, Europe

Source Resonance Practitioner; Holistic Doula; Intimacy Consultant.


Other practitioners who use Source Resonances

Kate Birch, Homeopath, RSHom(NA), CHC., Minneapolis, USA.

Specialising in vaccine damage, autism, homeoprophylaxis.

Anneke C H Hogeland, Homeopath, MS, LMFT, CHom., California, USA.

Source Medicine TIPPs System and Family Constellations.

Sigrid Lindemann, Homeopath, India and Germany.

Languages: English, French, German and Tamil.

Marci Mearns, Homeopath, CCH., California, USA.

Specialising in autism and homeoprophylaxis. Languages: English; Spanish.

Hannah Pearson, energy healer, shamanic practitioner and emotional fitness coach, Devon, UK.

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Oonagh Taeger, DHom (UK), PCH.

Source Medicine TIPPs System

Oonagh Taeger

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Trained in Source Medicine TIPPs System.

My passion is to support people to recover their innate healing ability so they can evolve through and release patterns of chronic dis-ease in the realms of body, mind and spirit.

I offer therapeutic tracks working purely with resonances, or resonances plus a form of softly guided journeying; I also combine the use of Source Resonances with classical homeopathy, depending on the needs and interests of the client.

I am especially excited to be offering, along with Source Medicine, a series of group healing workshops on specific topics. The group healing format is offered to respond to the need in the western world for community – to be seen and held in our processes of challenge, growth and change by a compassionate and accepting extended family or tribe.

In my years of working with Source Resonances I have witnessed them support healing and growth in transformative ways. They form a direct bridge to each of us rediscovering our ability to request all of the healing we need directly from Source. I consider them a system of education; we may use them for the deeper understanding and the evolving of what it means to be human.


Diploma in Homeopathy from The School of Homeopathy in Bristol, UK

Practitioner's Certificate from the Dynamis School of Homeopathy

Advanced Clinical Studies at The Other Song, Mumbai, India

Certified in Homeoprophylaxis through Free and Healthy Children, International

Oonagh has been in involved in homeopathy since 1995, and in formal practice since 2010.

Consultations: I see clients in Zoom and in person. (Note: during the Covid-19 pandemic, all sessions and groups are conducted in Zoom.)

Languages: English.
Fees: Please contact me to discuss the programs that I have available.

Contact Oonagh via e-mail
Phone: USA 415-233-3606

Mary Baenen, HMP, C.HP

Source Medicine TIPPs System

Mary Baenen

Location: Sandpoint, Idaho

Mary raised her children on healthy food, lots of love and homeopathy! In her childhood, she personally reacted severely to a childhood vaccination. Having first hand experience of vaccine injury, she is passionate about protecting children's immune systems and helping to reverse vaccine injury, pharmaceutical and street drug injury, as well as other childhood traumas. She feels that the (PC) Source Resonances from Source Medicine are a significant addition to her work.

Mary gives public lectures on the Homeoprophylaxis 'HP' Program and presentations on electro-hyper sensitivity 'EHS' and how to reduce exposure to electo-magnetic fields 'EMFs'.

Credentials include :

Certified Homeopathic Practitioner, CCNM

CEASE Therapist

Certified Homeoprophylaxis 'HP' Provider
NST/Bowen Bodywork Therapist

Consultations: Office visits, phone consults

Languages: English

Contact Mary via e-mail.

Phone: US 1-208-597-7151


Louise Bakley

Source Medicine TIPPS System.

Location: Maine, USA

Louise has always had a passion for health and wellness, but she began her journey with homeopathy after her son experienced an adverse vaccine reaction. Learning firsthand the devastating effects of vaccine injury, she searched for an alternative healing approach and was blessed to find Heilkunst Sequential Homeopathy.

Louise began training at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst in 2008, and has practiced homeopathy since 2012. She has also worked as a speech-language pathologist and special education teacher for 35 years, and has observed the evolution of the decline of our children's physical, mental, and emotional health, seeing how vaccines, prescription drugs, the continuous barrage of toxins, poor diet and regimen, and emotional trauma inhibit them from realizing their full potential.

Louise works with children, adolescents and men and women of all ages.

Qualifications: DMH Doctor of Medical Heilkunst Sequential Homeopathy

Master's Degree in Speech-Language Pathology and Special Education 

Training in Source Medicine TIPPS System.

Continued Studies  in the Banerji Homeopathy Protocol's

Certified Homeoprophylaxis, 'HP' Provider

Consults: Skype/Phone/In Person
Languages: English
Fees: See website for detail
Contact Louise via e-mail
Heartstone Pure Health Consulting
Camden, Maine USA

Beverly Welbourne

Location: My office is in Blue Ash, Ohio (southern Ohio near the Kentucky border).

I had an intense classical homeopathic apprenticeship with Dr Joan D'Souza (had previously taught at the homeopathic med school in Bombay), 2001 to 2004; and I have studied with several other practitioners for more than thirty years. I have a doctoral level degree in Oriental Medicine. I have been a biofeedback therapist (including using the human bioelectrical system to check for resonance) for fourteen years.

Qualifications: Homeopathy, Oriental Medicine, Biofeedback.

Consultations: Face-to-face, phone, skype, or zoom.

Languages: English

Fees: My usual session fee is $110 US.

Contact: USA (513) 489-9777

Kate Birch, RSHom(NA), CHC.

Location: Minneapolis, USA.

Kate Birch has been practicing and teaching homeopathy since 1994. Kate is a certified CEASE practitioner for vaccine injury and has been lecturing internationally and locally on infectious disease, vaccine injury and the promotion of homeoprophylaxis. She is co-founder of Free and Healthy Children International, a non-profit, dedicated to Education, Research and Access to Homeoprophylaxis.

She is the author of Vaccine Free Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Contagious Disease with Homeopathy (2007), The Solution ~ Homeoprophylaxis: The Vaccine Alternative (2011 and Homeopathic Therapeutics of the Diseases of the Liver and Biliary Ducts ~ The Amazing Liver: Interfacing Nature with Spirit (2015). Kate lives in Minneapolis MN.

Consultations: Office visits, phone consults and Skype meetings.
Languages: English.
Fees: see Hipp Health website for details.

Contact Kate via e-mail
Phone: USA 612-338-1668 Address
1614 Harmon Place, Suite 204,
Minneapolis MN 55403.

Amina Nanić, Holistic Doula, Zagreb, Croatia, Europe

Source Resonance Practitioner, holistic doula, intimacy consultant.

Lightening life transitions (birth, postpartum, intimacy and death).

Consultations: I see clients in Zoom and in person in their homes, in NGO's or in nature/in a tree (yes, up a tree, not next to it). Also, I hold live circles and group sessions – currently only for women.

Languages: English, Bosnian – Croatian – Serbian (ex-Yu), Italian, understanding of Spanish, really basic German and Turkish, Qur'anic Arabic (not MSA)

Fees: Please schedule a free 15 minute meeting if you would like to feel my. If you already feel my vibe and want more of me, feel free to schedule an Initial one-hour session, after which we advisable to take at least 2 half-an hour follow-ups. Alternatively, contact Amina via e-mail or read client reviews on her Google Business page.

Phone: CROATIA +385-99-387-07-13 (Telegram preferred, I Viber and WhatsApp only when needed.)

Website (under construction)

Anneke C H Hogeland, MS, LMFT, CHom.

Anneke Hogeland

Location: I am located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA.
Trained in Source Medicine TIPPs System, Solution Oriented Therapy, Homeopathy, Family Constellations, Hypnosis.

I have been in the world of helping people seek solutions for over 30 years, and continue to add to my toolbox. Homeopathy is core to my practice, as is the work of Family Constellations. I am co-author of 'The Trituration Handbook' and 'Birds: Homeopathic Remedies from the Avian Realm."

Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology;
Marriage and Family Therapist

Consultations: I do consultations in person, and also via phone and/or Skype.
Languages: English.
Fees: $120 per hour.

Contact Anneke via e-mail
Phone: USA 510-528-4788

Sigrid Lindemann

Sigrid Lindemann

Location: India

I have been practicing homeopathy since 1997 and teaching Sensation Method since 2004 in Germany. I have worked with Source medicine (pills) since Harry van der Zee of ARHF introduced them to me on his 2012 visit to Auroville, an international community in South India, where I have lived and worked since 1987.

With the active support of my Tamilian collaborator, Malar, we give out Source Resonances in the rural area surrounding us, reaching out through Village Action, village health workers etc. We respond to requests coming in from all over India. I do work with Source Resonances in Germany as well, and introduce it in my seminars there. I am not (yet) working with the TIPP System.

Consultations: Face-to-face, by phone, email and skype

Languages: English, French, German and Tamil.

Fees: Variable according to resources, as usual for medicine in India.

Contact: Clinic Integral Health, 605101 Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India, 0091 413 2623669.
Also (a few months a year): Worphauser Str. 25, 28355 Bremen, Germany.
Skype: sigridlindemann

Marci Mearns, CCH.

Marci Mearns

Location: Chico, California, USA
Trained in Source Medicine TIPPs System

My training in homeopathy began in 1998 at the Pacific Academy of Homeopathy in San Francisco California. Since graduation in 2001, I have pursued postgraduate training with a wide variety of international teachers. My practice is founded on my training and certification in classical homeopathy (CCH). I also employ modern methodologies where appropriate, including the use of Source Resonances (PC Remedies).

Additional certifications and training include CEASE* and HP Supervisor Certification**.
*CEASE: Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression.
**HP: Homeoprophylaxis.

Consultations: Office, phone and Skype.
Languages: English. Spanish.
Fees: See schedule.

Contact Marci via e-mail
Phone: USA

Hannah Pearson

Location: Totnes, South Devon, UK.

Hannah is passionate about enabling health and wellbeing. An energy healer, shamanic practitioner and emotional fitness coach she has 20 years experience consulting and offering healing sessions to individuals and groups. Working with both men and women of all ages she specialises in supporting the release of trauma, physical, emotional and spiritual distress. Her sensitivity and ability to "see" what is happening on an energetic level means that she can work directly with the core imbalance whilst aligning to the pace needed for each individual.

In addition Hannah is a natural remedy formulator specialising in sensitive skin care and the use of wild native plants. She is an experienced birth support doula and mother of two boys. Hannah is involved in establishing a local healing programme to support women who have experienced domestic violence.

'Source Resonances are a fabulous, effective addition that I am very pleased to include in my practice.''

Consultations: Face-to-face and via Skype

Languages: English

Phone: +441803762910
email: Contact Hannah via e-mail.
Website: and

Edson Sampare

Location: Brazil.
Contact Edson via e-mail.

Jana Shiloh, MA, CCH.

Location: Sedona, Arizona, USA
Trained in Source Medicine TIPPs System

I began in homeopathy in 1981 and have practiced since then. I have studied with homeopaths around the world and helped to found the “Pacific Academy of Homeopathic Medicine” in 1988. At present it is no longer active. Presently I am in private practice and also work weekly at an integrated medical practice with an internist MD. While I am a classical homeopath, I also am very excited about the expansion into related frequency remedies, such as those of Source Medicine, and my own HeartFusion™ work. I use them all as needed, sometimes together, sometimes layered. I’m so happy to be able to use the Source Resonances (PC Remedies) for trauma and toxins from this life, and in the lives of our ancestors (epigenetic).

Consultations: Adults and children in person, over the phone, and on Skype.
Languages: English.
Fees My fee is a sliding scale of $225-395 for the first 1 1/2 hr session. The fee includes 3 short weekly follow-ups by phone. 1/2 hr follow up calls after that are $85. I take credit and debit cards, and checks in advance. While traditional homeopathic remedies are included, there is an additional fee of $20 for Source Resonances (PC Remedies).

Contact Jana via e-mail.
Phone: USA 928-282-9362