Governing Document

Source Medicine - Medicine for the Soul

Governing Document, April 2016

The Source Medicine organisation is a not-for-profit company limited by guarentee that develops, produces, researches, validates and supplies Source Resonances (and potentially other Source Tools) and associated programmes and provides training as to their use, plus other activities relating to our aims, as appropriate.

Directors: Peter Chappell and Leilani van Koten.


Source Medicine is a unique system of resonance healing and enhancement for planetary wellbeing and conscious evolution. Our vision is a world where Source Resonances are used to enhance wellbeing and consciousness in every sphere of endeavour, for humans, plants, animals and earth stewardship. We offer tools to facilitate conscious living (for example Source Resonances and Resonance Programmes) thus helping the inner and outer transition of humanity, with heart balanced by head - intuition balanced by reason.

In health care we create wellbeing by resolving limiting inherited and acquired resonant imprints, allowing us to awaken into awareness and to live at the peak of our potential. Source Resonances specifically support the transition from suppressive treatments to healing through embracing and integrating the gifts inherent in the illness.

Source Medicine Mission

The Source Medicine Source Work, a lightwork partnership (initially between Peter Chappell and Leilani van Koten) is the core aspect of Source Medicine. This work focuses on developing the Source connection; requesting, receiving and sustaining Source Tools for conscious evolution (e.g. Source Resonances - the audio, video and pill Source Resonances) and ultimately facilitating a new way of living as light.

The Source Medicine organisation is a vehicle for receiving the manifest results of this work and developing ways to take these tools out into the world. We aspire to:

Source Medicine Values.

This is what we aspire to, while recognising that life is a work in progress!

Key Source Medicine Principles:

Aims and objectives of Source Medicine

Source Work:

To support and develop the Source Work of connecting to the intelligence behind the Source Resonances which is central to the Resonance production, and to provide a system of succession for this work.

Organisational structure:

Production, Validation and Supply of Resonances:




Charitable Support:

Source Medicine supports a range of charitable and non-profit projects and organisations, for example The Amma Resonance Healing Foundation through donations, discounts, free resonances and advice.



In the event of Source Medicine ceasing to operate, any assets will be passed on to a non-profit organisation with similar aims.