High Sensitivity Helpsheet

Some people have high sensitivity i.e. being unusually affected or (quickly) becoming unwell with certain external influences. Sometimes, if there is a history of high sensitivity, the individual may also be sensitive to Source Resonances and may benefit from a more cautious approach to prescribing.

Screening Questions

The following Screening Questions can help with identifying sensitive individuals.

Do you consider yourself to have high sensitivity?

If so, what does this mean to you and what symptoms do you experience that you associate with high sensitivity?

Specifically, do you have a history of high sensitivity with any of the following items?

      a) Sound, light, busy environments, social situations (sensory overload)
      b) Foods (e.g. gluten, caffeine, sugar, dairy), chemical toxins, EMF (Electro-magnetic frequencies) e.g. mobile phone signals and wi-fi, bites, stings, nutritional supplements?
      c) Prescription drugs (e.g. allergy to antibiotics) or recreational/street drugs (including alcohol)?
      d) Healing therapies (susceptibility to aggravations) and meditative practices (for example feeling ungrounded afterwards, or finding it hard to re-engage with daily life)?

If relevant, when you have a strong sensitivity reaction where would you rate it, from 0 to 10 (where 10 is extremely strong)?

This information can provide a baseline for reference when prescribing for people with high sensitivity.

Embodiment Exercise

To help the Resonance to fully integrate, we encourage people to do something proactive while listening, for example tap your body somewhere; be aware of your breathing; sigh; exercise; smile or make some other movement or sound.

This may be particularly helpful to people with high sensitivity as it supports the energetic flow and also may give the user a clearer sense of how much is enough (particularly when listening to audio Resonances).

Strategies for working with high sensitivity

If you have high sensitivity and are using the Resonances for self-help or first aid (for instance the SR Releasing Coronaviruses) a simple approach is to listen to just 15 seconds at first and build up gradually - if helpful (initially listening less frequently than is recommended for others).

When prescribing for people with high sensitivity it is important:

Here are some ideas of how to build up gradually when using the Resonances. The client and practitioner may be able to assess together what level to start with:

For audio Resonances:

Audios can be particularly suitable for those with high sensitivity.

For liquid/pill Resonances:

Observe carefully. See the Self-help Usage Instructions or, for homeopaths, prescribing recommendations. The Source Medicine ABC page has additional practitioner recommendations for working with clients with high sensitivity or complex conditions, including the use of the SR System Balancers.

The use of a pendulum, kinesiology or other techniques to check suitabiltiy of prescriptions, frequency, length of audio etc. can be helpful.