The history of Source Medicine

By Peter Chappell Hon FSHom

It started with AIDS

For a decade I had been actively involved in bringing homeopathy to countries where it was hardly present but alternative healing was desperately needed, like the countries behind the former iron curtain.

In 2001, reaching the age of sixty, I thought that I had done enough and that a home based existence would be more fitting to my age. Despite this, I felt driven by a compelling feeling coming from my heart that I should go to Africa and see whether homeopathy had anything to offer for the millions suffering from HIV/AIDS, when no drugs were arriving and masses dying. At some point, I could no longer ignore this feeling and realised that this cause was my life's purpose made possible by all my training and former experiences. So began a great adventure.


Once I realised that there was nothing I could or wanted to do but work on AIDS in Africa I left my resistances behind me and went to a clinic in Ethiopia and started treating AIDS patients. It was fraught with many difficulties, like the strong taboo on having AIDS, but after some months I had seventy patients. It was a very special and new experience for me to treat seventy consecutives cases of one disease and no others in between.

These AIDS patients were often recovering using the conventional homeopathic approach by prescribing individual remedies. My intention though was to find one specific remedy for AIDS which would make it possible to treat all AIDS patients in Africa without needing thousands of homeopaths to individualise all cases. Despite having all the latest information, software etc I could not find a convincing remedy in the existing materia medica of homeopathic medicine.

I had no other realistic or practical idea how to find this remedy except that I felt all along I had one strange possibility that was unbelievable to me. This was to use another approach, similar to the intuitive inventive intelligence I used as a research electronic engineer when I worked in a research lab as a young man. I learnt then to experiment and play in a different way, outside the box

So the idea to put the totality essence of the disease into a bottle, to reverse engineer the usual process of preparing homeopathic remedies, occurred. Imprinting information into water is easy. Homeopaths do it routinely. Even Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, imprinted information into water using simple magnets. So, developing this concept, I decided then, in Ethiopia, to create a remedy for AIDS based on resonance to the disease totality gathered from my first 70 cases, by putting the disease resonance in a bottle. The method is discussed in greater depth in the book 'Homeopathy for Diseases'.

When the resonance was ready, I explained to my patients, who had been receiving regular homeopathic treatment with mixed results that I had a second option they could try if they wanted to. I tried it on those who agreed and soon they started coming back in to report. The first morning five people returned and ALL were really better. I was stunned, could hardly believe it and felt that history was being made. More also came to be treated. This in itself was feedback as good news spreads quickly. Less severely ill people of all ages (who could still walk) improved in two weeks. Really sick people also got off their beds and started improving. Slowly it became clear that practically everyone improved.

First person treated with audio resonance for HIV, 2015

First person treated with audio Resonance for AIDS, 2005.

Amma4Africa PC1 for HIV/AIDS video from ARHF (Amma Resonance Healing Foundation).

Despite my initial excitement it took even me several years to fully overcome my disbelief that the AIDS resonance worked, just as it took me months to let go of my resistance to working on AIDS where I felt I had no skills, calling, funds or possibility of success. To overcome my disbelief I literally had to go back to Africa time and again to see for myself that PC1 for AIDS worked. It worked and worked for years, and I remade it dozens of times to meet the demand. So if you cannot believe in this process, I sympathise! My colleagues only got to believe it by trying it. Nothing else but direct experience bridges the belief gap.

The best verification for Source Resonances is whether they are effective in supporting wellbeing and recovery. The main question important to the AIDS patients in Africa is... does it work? The answer is in the thousands of people who have recovered with such certainty that I never recorded a failure with PC 1 (now SR 1) within the traditional cultures in Africa. That is a small miracle in itself and a strong realisation for me. For the first time in my life I had a remedy that always worked, and if it did not seem to, then there is always an explanation like wrong diagnosis, starvation or continuous re-infection. Later I discovered that the HIV Resonance SR 1 was less reliably effective in the west, but that's another story with a valid, understandable explanation. Exploring this become the focus of Source Medicine research and development for several years and led to the development of the Source Medicine TIPPs System (see here for more details).

Central African Republic

Central African Republic.

Other Diseases

The same process I used to create SR (PC) 1 for AIDS can be used for all epidemic diseases. Gradually a quantity of successful cases gathered concerning a wide variety of diseases, and this has become a significant body of evidence illustrating the principles and practice of this approach and the effectiveness of the resonances in traditional cultures in Africa (see ARHF for details). As with AIDS, the experience with malaria, another huge epidemic in Africa is close to 100 percent within this population group.

Outreach trip, Kenya

Outreach trip, Kenya 2014.

In chronic diseases, our first approach was to make and use a disease-specific remedy to be used within an individual homeopathic treatment context. Although this approach can be used with effect, due to many factors involved the results are less consistent than with infectious diseases.

In 2014 I started working as part of the Source Medicine team and we revisited the application of this resonance technology to chronic diseases and made some startling new discoveries. We discovered that the origins of chronic diseases are best understood through the concepts behind the emerging scientific area of epigenetics, which corresponds to fundamental principles of homeopathy. From this we unfolded a more complete system of treating chronic diseases in the West called the TIPPS System. It is a systematic and holistic way of treating Toxins, Infections, Physical traumas and Psychological traumas (TIPPs) in the individual’s life and their family history.

We also had some clinical confirmation: a confirmation test in Mr Emoto's HADO-life lab in Europe, resulted in a high quantity of well-formed crystals, suggesting that a dilution of AIDS resonance contains information. Tests in an fMRI machine in an army hospital verified that the sound resonances had a specific effect on brain function.

That a Source Resonance is a holistic resonance is clear from the results. They are entirely consistent with resonances like the homeopathic ones we know, and follow the well-established laws of cure. A Source Resonance for a disease has an effect on the totality of the disease that is manifested on all levels.

Maybe the time has come for intelligence-based processes that are well beyond materialistic science to enter the agenda and become a normal part of life, as the results are encouraging.

Offering it to the world

Once we had discovered that this new technology worked, we were faced with the question of how to make it available to the world. Originally we created VitalRemedies.com as a website supplying the resonances as pills and drops through various homeopathic pharmacies. Then, at the inspiration of Harry van der Zee, we created a foundation in the Netherlands called the Amma Resonance Healing Foundation, arfh.nl and this has proved to be a long-term sustainable and significant venture. In addition to this, a number of business approaches were tried over several years, including GreaterPeople.com, HealingDownloads.com, Boosters4Africa.com, NaturalBuddhas.nl, Genius-Downloads.com and Detox.Zone. These have provided learning about how best to provide and apply the Resonances, particularly in the west which is significantly different from in Africa. We are greatly appreciative of all the input from many people, particularly: Harry van der Zee, Corrie Hiwat, Des Melvin, Bodana Kabatova, Hana Shatner, Onno Nieveen, Nico Benjees, Greg Meanwell and others, as well as the many people who have helped with projects in Africa and elsewhere.

In 2014 I was joined by Leilani van Koten and together we spent a year re-evaluating, through analysing past experiences and looking in depth into the issues around bringing the Source Resonances to the west. Based on our findings from this work, and on in-depth conscious Source alignment, Leilani and I have together developed the new range of Source Resonances. These are specifically designed to address the needs of western and westernised populations, and for reliable use over the internet.

Leilani and Peter, Devon

Start Point, Devon 2015

Business meetings, Source Medicine style, Leilani and Peter, Start Point, Devon 2015.

In September 2015 we launched SourceMedicine.Zone as an integrated way of offering the Resonances to the world in a way that is sustainable and can develop into the future, and that honours the Source of these Resonances.

Our most recent development is the Source Medicine Wellbeing App that is both a powerful research tool and a mechanism for delivering tailor-made programmes to large numbers of people.

Understanding the Source

Homeopathy, along with a vast array of human consciousness developments, acknowledges the existence of an immaterial world that underlies the material world and all forms manifesting in it. Hahnemann chose the term Vital Force to point to this all-pervading intelligence or life-giving principle. Homeopaths have used provings to contact the intelligence present in a wide variety of forms. Other traditions like shamanism and all forms of spiritual practices have used similar or different techniques and contacted many dimensions of existence to find information that is meaningful on the human dimension. Together, all these traditions point to the existence of intelligence and consciousness on many possible levels. Even modern physics suggests conscious intelligence as the fabric of the universe.

Similar to the way that visible light represents only a small part of a wide range of frequencies, we can say that there is a whole band of levels of consciousness, some of which we can easily perceive, while others are normally beyond our daily perception. As with homeopathic provings, they can be contacted provided we make the effort. Within Source Medicine we have evolved our Source Technnology which incorporates a way of working with different levels of illumination in the creation of Source Resonances.

Years before I started treating AIDS-patients in Africa I had been involved in sacred rituals, meditation, and shamanism. In this period I made a connection with what I describe as a benign nature with infinite patience and kindness, a love that is likewise infinite and unfathomable. When unable to find a simillimum for HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia, I decided to once again connect with this source of illumined intelligence and to request for a simillimum to be made in a bottle of water I had placed on a shelf away from me. I had no idea whether that would be possible as I had never done it before, but the results with AIDS-patients who took this remedy (later called PC 1 and now SR 1) were simply stunning, and continue to be so. Tens of thousands of people have been supported in their recovery from AIDS in this way, and it is a deeply effective approach, with no side-effects, low cost and easy to administer. Making contact with the illumined intelligence was a critical item that could require a book to explain, and receiving the escense of my request in a bottle was inspired in that it holds the human element cleanly away from the actual Resonance creation.

The next important step was that we found this new technology had similar effects more generally in epidemic diseases and that it could be further developed and applied to a whole range of traumas. This extension took years to formulate theoretically and then to apply it practically. This is all extensively discussed in the book Homeopathy for Diseases.

Making the Source Resonances

All the pill Source Resonances are made in high percentage medicinal alcohol. For details of how they are made, see here. These 'mother tinctures' are provided to three pharmacies in Europe, which prepare granules and ready-to-use dropper bottles according to a fixed three step protocol. We now also create audio Source Resonances. From tests we have found that the sounds work just as quickly and effectively as the pill and liquid forms for supporting recovery from serious epidemic diseases like AIDS and malaria. See ARHF for details of their work in Africa.

We also applied these methods to chronic diseases, and our original ideas are incorporated in the book above but since then we have developed our approach when it comes to treating chronic diseases, especially in the west.

These are new developments since this book was written, which can be understood from the seminar I conducted in California in 2015 - available now as a video training course. There is also more background information on my meeting Leilani and the consequent formation of Source Medicine on the Who's Who page.

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