Source Medicine Inner CALM Programme

The CALM Programme is designed to address stress and mild anxiety in people who are otherwise generally well. If you have a significant medical condition please consult a practitioner.

CALM is a good introduction to Source Medicine Programmes and can be used before or after our CLEANSE Wellbeing Programme.

For cost, how to subscribe and details of other Source Medicine Programmes, see here.

CALM Schedule

Each CALM set has a morning Releaser resonance and an evening Enhancer resonance. The SR Earthing Tool is used at the start and between each resonance.

Background to CALM

The Inner CALM Programme is based on resolving any overactivity of the survival instincts Fight, Flight and Freeze, and supporting the qualities that can emerge as we open to our inner calm.

These three basic instincts have been passed down to us through evolution from well before the time of humans, and are designed to keep animals alive when faced with danger. They kick in almost instantaneously, before we have time to think, and are crucial to our survival. However, if they become overactive in response to unresolved traumatic experiences, they can interfere with our normal functioning. Memories of accumulated hurts tend to turn the survival instincts permanently ON so that we are chronically in Fight, Flight or Freeze when there is no danger.

These states can be experienced as chronic anger, stress, depression etc. and each person tends to have their particular response pattern.

For more information, costs and details of other Source Medicine Programmes, see here.