December 2015

Welcome to our first Source Medicine Newsletter.

2015 has seen exciting developments in the use of Source Resonances (both the PC pill resonances and Source Light audio resonances) worldwide. As well as the launch of the SourceMedicine.Zone website, through research and enquiry into the use of the resonances in the west we have developed the Source Medicine TIPPs System for treating chronic conditions.

Seminar: A Breakthrough in Treating Chronic Diseases

One-day seminar with Peter Chappell 25th January 2016

Over the past decade, through the use of PC Source Resonances in treating chronic disease in the west, it has become clear that the needs of western populations are significantly different to the African population where the Resonances were originally developed.

This seminar looks at the development of the Source Medicine TIPPs System of treating chronic disease through addressing Toxins, Infections, Physical traumas and Psychological traumas.

See here for more information.

Training video for practitioners: Epidemics, Trauma and Toxins.

Peter Chappell May 2015 Seminar in Berkley, Calefornia.

This seminar covers our current thinking on treating the underlying causes of disease through addressing personal and epigenetically inherited Toxins, Infections, Physical traumas and Psychological Traumas (the TIPPs System). The seminar includes case studies looking at how health can be affected by current and historic influences, and how we can effectively treat the resulting illnesses. Treatment based on causes is shown to reveal a whole new side to approaching health, disease and well being.

See Training for further information on this as well as other videos and publications.

Source Medicine Clinic

We are launching a world-wide English language Skype Research Clinic with Peter Chappell in January. This is by application as it will focus on particular areas of research at a time. See details here: Clinic.

Research Update

Thank you to all the Research Network members and participants who have provided feedback, and in particular the input we have had with the CLEANSE Wellbeing Programme and the Vaccination Resonances. We will be reviewing the Research Network memberships in April and renewing the active accounts.

As you may be aware, one of the foundation stones of Source Medicine is responding to research findings so that as a community we are evolving and developing this approach together. So, for homeopaths, check out our new reflections on using the resonances: Source Medicine for Homeopaths. As always, feedback and input is welcome.

SourceMedicine.Zone Website Update

Our website is still in beta testing mode and Samadi is working behind the scenes on a range of revisions and upgrades to implement over the next few months, so thank you for all the feedback and patience as we develop this.