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Practitioner Use of Source Resonances


Resonance Titles and Personalisation

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Practitioner Use of Source Resonances

The Practitioner range of (PC) Source Resonances are available to professional health practitioners, therapists and life coaches, etc. for use within their specialist skills area.

Source Resonances (audio and pill (PC) Source Resonances) can be used in the following ways:

Whatever therapeutic approach is used, it is important that the practitioner has relevant experience and is skilled in managing any reactions to treatment.

Work Context

The following guidelines are to help practitioners to use the Source Resonances effectively with chronic conditions, in a western context.

Other contexts:

About Source Resonances

The overall intention and request is that all Source Resonances support the integration of love, learning and conscious evolution and provide exactly what is for the Highest at the time of use. See Source Resonances for more background on the nature and intention of the resonances. Source Work and Resonance Production (Go to page)

TIPPs Releaser Resonances

  • These Releaser Resonances support evolving through the impact of Toxins, Infections, Physical traumas and Psychological traumas.
  • In acute situations they can be used in the same way as standard homeopathic remedies.
  • They can also be used to address the unresolved effects of the TIPPs experience in the individual’s personal and family history. For example, in a patient with herpes or HIV following a gonorrhoeal infection, using the Releasing Gonorrhoea Resonance first may help to prepare the way for the action of the herpes or HIV Resonance. See Source Medicine TIPPs System below.
  • Our current understanding is that, for westerners, it is preferable to address one clearly defined issue per resonance, for example a chemical toxin, or sometimes a small, clearly defined group - like a family of chemicals. This is easier for the individual's system to assimilate and adjust to.

Revealer Resonances for Chronic Conditions/Diseases

  • The Revealer Resonances are based on the standard medical definitions of the disease or condition, for instance the International Classification of Disease (ICD).
  • Revealer Resonances work by revealing and bringing to the surface the underlying patterns behind the specific pathology. This can help with identifying causative factors (TIPPs events) in the case that it could be helpful to prescribe on. To make best use of these Revealers, careful observation of the unfolding picture is essential. Tune in carefully to anything being brought to the surface through dreams, memories and life events etc. as these can be pointers to relevant TIPPs issues.
  • Revealers can be particularly effective when homeopathy and/or the TIPPs System have been used to prepare the way, and you are ready to go deeper into the case.
  • In some cases, once the unresolved issues have been brought to the surface by the action of the Revealer Resonance, they can be resolved through the innate healing capacity of the person. However, the Revealer Resonances are not generally recommended as a stand-alone treatment.

Source Resonance Tools

  • SR Tool: Earthing - Supporting rootedness into the Earth is used to prepare westerners for using Source Resonances through helping us to be grounded in our true essence. This resonance can be used before and after each prescription.
  • SR Tool: Reveal - Revealing the Unconscious is used to bring unresolved TIPPs issues to the surface to be released, or to help with identifying the next steps for treatment.
  • SR Tool: Grounded in our True Essence. This resonance may be particularly helpful as preparation for clients working consciously with inner growth and their spiritual journey.


There are many ways of prescribing (PC) Source Resonances for example split dose, daily, weekly or monthly; one at a time or in parallel and much research is needed to study the most suitable protocol for different situations.

Some practitioners follow the general guidelines below while others inform their prescribing through kinesiology testing; personal experience; dowsing and intuitively tuning in. This can help with deciding which remedy is needed and when, how, how often and how long to prescribe it for.

Indications of Herring-Chappell Law of Cure in action.

  • Increasing awareness.
  • Clarity of mind.
  • Resolving of emotions into actions.
  • Rising energy.
  • Resolving of symptoms – from above down; within to out; in reverse order of occurrence.

If after three days there has been no observable action, repeat daily until an action is observed then revert to watch and wait.

If there is a temporary exacerbation of symptoms, as usual it is important to sit it out – watch and wait.

Apply the Herring-Chappell Law to see if there are improvements on a more fundamental level at the same time as the exacerbation. This requires careful monitoring and evaluation.

Please note: As aggravations can occur with these treatments, it is important that non-homoeopath health practitioners ensure they have the knowledge to manage this.

For information on working with people who are particularly sensitive to treatments see our High Sensitivity Helpsheet.

Clearly, if there are any threats to safety, then it is important to seek conventional medical attention. Otherwise wait for the curative process to complete.

Order of prescribing

The current recommended TIPPs+ order of prescribing is:

These prescribing recommendations are based on our research to date and our Research Network is continuing to look at best practices recommendations.

See practitioner guidelines for use of the liquid/pill resonances here.

Instructions for patients are available here.


If a prescription is not as effective as expected, please see our Troubleshooting Guide.

Resonance titles and personalisation

It can be helpful for the individual to be consciously present when using a Resonance, pausing either for a moment of silence or to say the full name of the Resonance as an affirmation. See Self-help Usage Instructions for more details.

It can be helpful for clients/patients to have the full title of each resonance they are prescribed. These are affirming statements that support the individual in the direction of well-being and can be offered as affirmation cards or written in full on the label. For example:

The full title can help the patient to relate to the resonance and can be used as an affirmation when taking the resonance. This title is available to the patient when using audio resonances.


The audio resonances are personalised through entering the patient's name, mother tongue, gender and date of birth. This helps to 'target' the resonance specifically for that person. For pills/liquids this 'targeting' is achieved through making up the bottle specifically for the patient and handing or sending it to them. Interestingly, this is akin to the labeling of prescription bottles with name and date of birth etc. - a common practice in allopathic medicine.