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For members of the public looking for a practitioner, please see our Find a Practitioner page.

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Practitioner Information Page

Information page for practitioners, with details of the Source Medicine TIPPs System, recommendations on using Source Resonances and cultural issues related to use in the West/westernised cultures.

Purchasing the audio and pill Source Resonances

Click here for details of the Source Resonances that are available, and how to buy them.

Training and Publications

Practitioner Resources

Source Medicine Research Network

This is a worldwide network of people using Source Resonances (in audio and pill form) in their work and/or lives, and who contribute to the further research and development of this approach.

Practitioner List

For Practitioners who use Source Resonances (audio and/or pills) in their practice.

How it works:

You provide the following information:
  • an introduction of yourself and your way of working, including how you use Source Resonances in your practice and whether you use the Source Medicine TIPPs System;
  • languages used;
  • appointment formats: face-to-face, phone, skype etc.;
  • your fees and contact details;
  • and maybe a photograph.

Your details are listed on our practitioner list and individuals then contact you direct to arrange an appointment.

There is a request for a donation to cover the admin of making the listing, and for updating of information.


E-mail to submit details.

Charitable Work

Source Work and Resonance Production

The inner process of making Source Resonances.

Source Medicine Services

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