Source Medicine Wellbeing Programme FAQs


Thank you for participating in our Source Medicine Wellbeing Research Programme.

Items will be added to this page as we get feedback from participants - so keep checking back for more information.

Source Medicine Clinic

Some participants may benefit from one-to-one clinical support alongside the app programme. This can help with high sensitivity issues or where there is a complex health history or severe symptoms.

Initial Response

Occasionally participants have a mild initial flair-up of symptoms when using Source Resonances. This generally passes in a day or so and is part of the healing response.

For instance, some people on the Wellbeing for COVID-19 programme may experience slight fluy symptoms or even a slight temperature for a few hours.

Wellbeing for COVID-19


Please note that this is specifically relevant to the COVID-19 programme and is not necessarily suitable for other Source Medicine Wellbeing programmes

If you have young children it may be simpler for you all to use the COVID-19 programme together (rather than each having a separate account and programme).

To set this up, when you register on the app, follow these instructions:


As well as family use (see above), it is also possible to use the COVID-19 programme with a group, provided the group is clearly defined and 'human-scale', for example a specific team of work colleagues; residents and staff of a care home.

Follow the instructions above, describing the group and using a significant date - and do ensure that all participants are clearly informed about the programme and consent to using it. See our Informed Consent and Disclosure Statement here and see also the High Sensitivity instructions below.

High Sensitivity

It is important to check each person's sensitivity and answer the sensitivity screening question in the app for the most sensitive person in the group or family. The question is:

Some people feel unwell from:

Rate your overall sensitivity: None, Low, Medium, High

If there are people in the group with medium or high sensitivity to these items we recommend that you use the audio Resonance for just 15 seconds at first, then build up slowly. If there is a little sensitivity, start on 30 seconds and build up from there.

In traditional cultures the programme can be used as a village or with a school etc. Group use of the wellbeing programmes in traditional cultures will be further developed in future.

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