Publications and Introductory Videos


Source Medicine TIPPs System Training

A range of video trainings including A Fresh Perspective on Chronic Disease which is a one-day seminar for practitioners, with Peter Chappell, including Vaccination talk by Source Medicine Advisor, Kate Birch. See Training Page for more information.

Future Medicine Forum

Peter Chappell's presentation to the Future Medicine Forum hosted by Zhejiang Tian Jing Sheng Public Foundation in Hangzhou, China, November 2018.

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Source Work and Succession.

Peter Chappell and Leilani van Koten in conversation about making Source Resonances.

This 40 minute free video describes the inner, shamanic process of requesting resonances and how this has evolved and developed and now passed from Peter to both Peter and Leilani working together.

Introductory talk

Peter Chappell talking about the development and early application of the resonances. Available on YouTube here - along with a range of other early talks and presentations.


The Causes and Cures of Chronic Disease, with a focus on Psychological Trauma.
Article by Peter Chappell (with Leilani van Koten) in the on-line homeopathy journal 'Homeopathy for Everyone'.

Homeopathy For Diseases: Vital Remedies for Epidemics, Trauma & Chronic Diseases, by Peter Chappell & Harry van der Zee.
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This book gives useful background information and numerous case studies but does not cover our recent development of the Source Medicine TIPPs System for treatment of chronic conditions in the west.

One lifelong homoeopath describe this book is the second most important book in homoeopathy after the Organon by the founder Samuel Hahnemann. It takes the principles and practice of homoeopathy forward into the 21st-century, adding a whole new dimension to homoeopathy, for example discussing the intelligence of diseases. There is a comprehensive account of the developments that led to highly effective remedies for infectious diseases in Africa, and the beginning of the developments of how to treat chronic diseases in the west. It does not, however, cover our recent development of the Source Medicine TIPPS system, which is another potentially revolutionary step forward in the comprehensive treatment of chronic dysfunctions and diseases in the west.

We recommend this book as useful background reading but not as the basis for western use of Source Resonances.