Self Help Usage Instructions


Usage Instructions

Source Medicine Programmes


The Self-help and First Aid ranges of Source Resonances are designed for:

If you are unwell or have high sensitivity please consult a practitioner. See our Screening Questions and High Sensitivity Helpsheet for guidance.

If you currently have an acute illness (e.g. flu, gastrointestinal infection) wait unti this has passed before using self-help resonances or programmes.

Usage Instructions

First Aid Use

  1. Register on our website for First Aid access, if you are not already registered. (Contact us to upgrade your membership if necessary.)
  2. To access the audio resonances, go to 'Source Resonances' in the top menu bar and click 'Audio'.
  3. Select and listen to the relevant First Aid Resonance as frequently as needed. In an acute situation this may be every 5 or 10 minutes. Sometimes the resonance can be listened to continuously for 10 - 15 minutes or until the acute symptoms subside. N.B. This approach is not suitable for those with high sensitivity.
  4. In addition to this you may want to use a relevant SR Tool once a day as these can support the assimilation of the resonances. Choose either one of the Catalysts or the SR Earthing Tool or SR Tool: Grounded in our True Essence.

General Usage Recommendations

It can be helpful to be consciously present when using Source Resonances, pausing either for a moment of silence or to say the full name of the Resonance as an affirmation: Pause, Breathe, and consciously Receive.

A resonance can also be used at the beginning of a few minutes of meditative stillness, which helps with allowing in and assimilating the resonance.

Once you have used a resonance it can be helpful to note any changes in:

This can help you in assessing the effect of the resonance and also whether practitioner support may be helpful at any point.

Instructions for if you have been prescribed a pill resonance by a practitioner:

For self-help use, including Source Medicine self-help programmes, for the first two resonances that you use,

Observe your response as described above.

Source Medicine Programme Instructions

If you are on a Source Medicine Programme please follow these instructions. If you are on Programme Support your practitioner will advise you.

For the first two specific resonances that you use,

Observe your response as described above.

If, after 3 days, there has been a moderate improvement, moderate worsening, or no noticeable response:

  • use daily for 5 days, then have two days off.

If there is no change after seven days then move on to the next resonance, if you are on a Source Medicine programme (e-mail

If there is a strong worsening:

  • pause and wait until this has passed, then

  • use once then watch and wait for 3 days, and follow all instructions as above.

If there is a strong improvement:

  • pause and wait until this healing process levels out, then:

  • either move on to the next resonance (e-mail;

  • or wait longer for the healing to consolidate, if this feels appropriate. (You may choose to return to this resonance at a later date.)

If the improvement fades away, then return to

  • use once then watch and wait for 3 days, as above.

Once you have experience of using the first two resonances, you can judge which approach would work best for you for future ones:

When you are ready for the next Resonance package, contact

If you have any concerns about your response to the programmes please contact one of our programme support practitioners. There is a charge for this support.

Thank you for your interest in our resonances and programmes. We do hope that you find them valuable.