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Source Medicine TIPPs Practitioner Training Workshop

This information is for people interested in hosting and co-ordinating a training workshop in their area. If you just want to learn about TIPPs yourself, see here for information and video training.

Programme content

The Source Medicine TIPPs System is designed primarily for treating chronic conditions in the west, although it is also helpful in the treatment of complex acute conditions. The TIPPs System is a new therapeutic approach that is evolving and developing through the collaborative participation of practitioners who are trained and using it.

Feedback from practitioners is that this a helpful tool in safely and effectively using the (PC) Source Resonances in the west. In the Source Medicine clinic we have found TIPPs approximately twice as effective as the previous method of using the resonances in the west.

Training Visit Schedule:

Preparatory case work

Our trainer (currently Peter Chappell) will generally spend three days in a consultative role seeing patients with local practitioners who are willing to join our Research Network and provide follow-up feedback on cases seen. This gives insight into local issues so that the training can be tailored to the situation.

Please allow 2 hours per case (to allow one and a half hours client contact plus half an hour case discussion and review with practitioner).

Training Workshop

  • Day 1: 9-30 am - 5 pm
  • Day 2: 9-30 am - 4 pm
  • Cost

    The workshop visits are co-ordinated and financed by a local contact. This includes all travel, insurance, accommodation, food or per diem (daily living expenses rate) and fees.
    Fees: £3,500 plus 50% of any profit.
    Concessions (depending on the economy of the country): From £1,000 plus 50% of any profit.


    All work will be done in English. If required, an experienced verbatim interpreter with homeopathic understanding is to be provided.

    Also available: