Source Work and Resonance Production

The central Source connection behind the requesting of Source Resonances is established and maintained through a process that we now call Source Work. This is the fundamental process of connection with the intelligence behind the Source Resonances (previously PCs, PPDs etc.) that allows the requesting and producing of resonances. This work has gradually passed from Peter to Leilani in a process of succession, and the responsibility for production of resonances is now held by Source Medicine.

Resonance production is only one aspect of the Source Work that we do (see details below). The wider task is deepening the alignment with Source in order to be able to make the requests. To do this, we work in a variety of ways, for example using meditation, breath and chakra work, visualisation, lightwork journeys, guidance and channeling. Through deepening this Source Work together since 2014 we have been able to develop the Source Technology and have received a structure for succession that has allowed the Source Work and resonance production processes to be handed on within Source Medicine, to Leilani, thus ensuring the continuation of the work over time.

Resonance Production

In addition to the on-going work of maintaining the Source alignment, there are several elements to the process of requesting resonances. See diagram here.

    Oonagh Taeger reflects on her sense of our requesting and receiving of Source Resonances: 'If you boil every cycle into two phases, a question and an answer, the job of the human is to form the question and the job of Source/Nature is to answer the question. Another way of saying it is it's the job of the human to define what they wish to create, and the job of Source to say, 'It is done'.' And commenting on the audio sea waves: 'The ocean has the sound of an answering energy..... Like Source saying, 'I am', or 'So it is'.

This is fundamentally a dynamic process which changes and evolves through time. To fix it, for example by saying it worked a certain way before so just keep doing it that way, would in fact be to loose the essence of the process, which is presence in the moment and being aware of and responsive to what arises in that moment. And, whereas the original method used for producing the early resonances for Africa was attuned to a culture grounded in true essence, this evolution of Source Work is a response specifically to the complex needs of western cultures.

So the resonances are always evolving. Each subtle shift maintains the physical effectiveness of the Resonances, for example in terms of health impact, but adds to the subtle effects on conscious evolution - which is, in fact, the core purpose of all Source Resonances. This dynamic Source Work process keeps source resonances attuned to the ever evolving moment we live in.