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Registering on the website: Click on ‘Register’ in the top right-hand corner of the home page on www.SourceMedicine.Zone. When you register on our website, please specify whether you are a practitioner, have first aid knowledge or are a member of the public. This will determine what information and resonances you have access to.

How to start using Source Resonances in your practice: Watch these introductory videos for practitioners.

Purchasing resonances: Go to ’Source Resonances’ in the top menu bar and follow the links.

All the audio Source Resonances are currently available by sliding scale, at a concessionary rate for individuals and private practitioners. Please pay generously to allow this to continue.

For practitioners purchasing resonances: For prescribing audio Resonances, when you have made your payment and selected your Resonance, then click 'Make client link’ and add the client’s personalising details. Copy the link and e-mail to the client. This link will last for 3 months.

For lists of the practitioner pill resonances and details of how to order via our affiliated pharmacies see Pharmacy Resonances Lists. (Note: Pill Source Resonances were previously known as PC Remedies.) For a complete list of available resonances (pills and audios) see Combined Resonance List.

Further information for practitioners: Practitioner Resources - information, training material, resources and guidance on the use of Source Resonances for practitioners: click on 'Practitioner Zone’ in the top menu bar on the home page.

The use of the resonances depends on cultural background - rural, traditional culture or western/westernised. See the Source Medicine Vitality Map for details.

Source Medicine TIPPs System The Source Medicine TIPPs System that looks at Toxins, Infections, Physical and Psychological traumas underlying chronic conditions/diseases:

The general recommendation with chronic conditions/diseases is to treat the underlying issues - Toxins, Traumas, Physical and Psychological issues (TIPPs).

TIPPS training video

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