Introducing Source Medicine's Syntropy App

Coming Soon!

Our new Syntropy Wellbeing research and delivery app is being launched early in the form of a dedicated COVID-19 Support Programme which is individually tailored for both western and non-western populations.

We are also in the process of developing Syntropy programmes for Type 2 Diabetes and PTSD, amongst others (and dementia will be one of these).

Syntropy Wellbeing delivers tailor-made programmes to individually guide and support people in their use of the Resonances and also to gather much-needed feedback about their responses. This information is crucial to the development of the Resonance work, particularly in the west.

We have chosen 'Syntropy' as the product name for our app-based programmes, which will eventually include a Syntropy Wellbeing range for human health, Syntropy Animals and also Syntropy Growers.

Syntropy: Turning intention into form

Definition: The Greek roots of the word Syn-tropy are literally ‘together-turning’. We use this phrase to denote a process of profound personal, cultural and planetary transformation. Syntropy Wellbeing offers an invitation to us all to awaken into our lives more fully and to consciously evolve our world together.

Linda Rae Reneau describes it as follows:

'Entropy, Balance, and Syntropy are the forces ensuring existence in an open system of continual, ever-expanding creation. Entropy is the visible world of hard science, the quantitative and objective; syntropy is the invisible world of life, consciousness, and the qualitative. Entropy is the dissipative process; syntropy the creative process.'

Our Syntropy Wellbeing Programmes

To be released in early May: Syntropy Wellbeing for COVID-19 Research Programme

By donation, or free to front-line workers and those in need.

In development, in collaboration with IM Health: Syntropy Wellbeing for Type 2 Diabetes Research Programme

How the Syntropy Wellbeing programmes work

Would you like to work with us?

We are looking for Affiliate Distributors, Programme Advisors, Translators and Affiliate Organisations.

Training and supervision is provided and you can choose whether to earn money or donate it to support free/low cost distribution of Syntropy programmes in areas of need.

Syntropy Distributor

We are looking for people to advertise and promote our Syntropy app and programmes.

Syntropy Programme Advisor

Programme Advisors are people who are already professional health practitioners of some sort, and they will then be trained to support participants in using Syntropy Programmes.

Syntropy Translator

We are keen for our programmes to be available worldwide and are looking for Affiliates to translate the programmes, publicity material and participant feedback.

Translators must be fluent both in English and in the language they want to translate into. They need to also be Distributors and Programme Advisors so that we can ensure a complete service in each chosen language.

Affiliate Organisations

Affiliate Organisations work closely with Source Medicine and distribute/sell Syntropy programmes; recruit resellers; promote to other organisations; recruit Programme Advisors and may also collaborate with Source Medicine in researching and developing new programmes.

See here for more details about Affiliates

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