Source Medicine Wellbeing App Technical FAQs


Thank you for participating in one of our Source Medicine Wellbeing Research Programmes.

Items will be added to this page as we get feedback from participants - so do check back for more information or contact us with questions.


There is a small icon in the top right-hand corner of the app - three horizontal lines. Click this 'hamburger' icon and you will see a menu of options. Select the option you require.


One of the options in the menu is 'Messages'. This allows you to contact your Programme Advisor for wellbeing support with the programme.

When your Programme Advisor sends you a message, you will see a yellow dot with a number in it (number of messages) beside the menu icon. You will also receive an email notification.

To access the message you can either click on the link in the email or click on the menu icon in the app.

To reply to the message, scroll right down to the bottom of the messages screen and enter your message there.

Change of url

We have recently changed the url address for this app. If you are still being directed to please click 'Enable push notifications' again and your reminders will then reroute to our new address.

Push notifications

This is the name for the short messages that show on your screen to remind you of things (like calendar appointments etc.). Our app does use push notifications - but it is currently not working for Apple iPhones or Safari (run by Apple).

Resonance reminders

Our programmes can send reminders as emails and/or push notifications (see above). If you are not receiving these when you expect or are receiving too many please contact your programme advisor through the app messaging system and we will try to sort it out for you.

Meanwhile, you can log out and then log back into the app and you will then have access to the Resonance to listen to yourself.


We have heard that there is ocassionally an issue with the volume when listening with an iPhone. Apparently if the phone ringer is set to 'vibrate' this may mean that the audio cannot be heard. Just turn your ringer on and see if this fixes the problem.

Can't see what you are looking for?

Contact us for technical assistance or message your Programme Advisor through the app help menu (three short lines in top left of app screen) for any wellbeing help with the programme.