TIPPs for Groups

On-going Groups


Prescribing for Groups

Ongoing Groups

Source Resonances can be used with themed ongoing groups, for instance as an additional support for people on an addictions programme, or to work with people with PTSD.

We are currently developing tailor-made questionnaires to assist practitioners in gathering the background information from the group members, to help with preparing personalised treatment programmes for the participants.

Suggestions for Groupwork


Please bear in mind that the Practitioner Source Resonances (audios and pills) are powerful constitutional treatments and are best used with care, allowing time for the full effect to land. In a short workshop setting our recommendation would be to use the SR Earthing Tool as preparation early on and a relevant Enhancer or practitioner resonance later, if desired. See more details below.

If people are significantly unwell it may be more appropriate for them to consult a practitioner for individual treatment.

Prescribing for Groups

Although personalised audio resonances are always preferable, if you do decide to play a resonance to a group it is important to ensure that it is appropriate for everyone present. See our High Sensitivity Helpsheet and Screening Questions and consider aftercare and support in a workshop situation.

In an on-going group, one way to address the issue of some people being more sensitive than others is to use the High Sensitivity protocol for the whole group, and be guided by the response of the most sensitive member (including the facilitator!).

Personalising an audio for a group:

The audio Source Resonances are personalised using name, date of birth, gender and mother tongue. When working with a group, you can personalise as follows:


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