Source Medicine TIPPs System Training

Treating underlying Toxins, Infections, Physical and Psychological traumas (TIPPs) to resolve chronic disease.

A Fresh Perspective on Chronic Disease

Videos of a one-day seminar for practitioners, with Peter Chappell, including Vaccination talk by Source Medicine Advisor, Kate Birch.
Norg, The Netherlands, 25th January 2016

Available on Vimeo website: 4 hours of video for £50 (or contact us for concessions).

Over the past decade, through the use of (PC) Source Resonances in treating chronic disease in the west, it has become clear that the needs of western populations are significantly different to the African population where the Resonances were originally developed.

Traditional cultures: Our understanding is that traditional cultures are more rooted in their true essence and have higher fundamental vitality. The dominant health issues are epidemic diseases and traumas and the response to the Resonances in traditional cultures is dramatic, effective and consistent over time.

Western cultures: In the west the dominant health issues are chronic diseases, in a population with higher levels of inherited and acquired effects of toxins, trauma and miasms, and lower fundamental vitality, which can make the treatment of chronic conditions challenging. We have therefore been researching the underlying causes of disease in order to address the issues at a more fundamental level, out of which developed the TIPPs system.

This approach is enabling practitioners to achieve more consistent results in the treatment of chronic conditions with audio and pill (PC) Source Resonance, and focuses on identifying and treating four possible causes of chronic diseases: Toxins, Infectious diseases, Physical trauma and Psychological trauma.

Go to Norg seminar reference sheet for references and links.

Epidemics, Trauma and Toxins.

Peter Chappell May 2015 Seminar, Berkeley USA: Video training course for practitioners.

Available on Vimeo website: £50 (or contact us for concessions).

Over 10 hours of video, including TIPPs case-taking, live case studies and the use of attunements.

This seminar covers our early thinking on treating the underlying causes of disease through addressing personal and epigenetically inherited Toxins, Infections, Physical traumas and Psychological Traumas (the TIPPs System). The seminar includes case studies looking at how health can be affected by current and historic influences, and how we can effectively treat the resulting illnesses.

Treatment based on causes is shown to reveal a whole new side to approaching health, disease and well being.

The seminar covers:
  • The history of the development of the Resonances.
  • The evolution of Source Medicine’s understanding of the underlying causes of disease and epigenetic influences.
  • The Source Medicine TIPPs System of case-taking focusing on Toxins, Infectious diseases, Physical traumas and Psychological traumas.
  • Live case studies.
  • The use of attunements in sessions with clients/patients.


The resonance referred to as 'Long Term Grief' is now listed as 'SR Releasing Bereavement', which was the original underlying intention of the resonance.

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