Helping Animals in Ukraine

Alongside the devastation of human lives in Ukraine, there is also the impact on livestock, wild and domestic animals.

Source Resonances for animals

Source Resonances are a way of tapping into our innate self-healing potential. They have been used extensively for people worldwide, since 2002, and many people have also found them to be highly effective with animals.

To use our audio resonances, you play a one-minute file of the sound of sea waves, which is a carrier medium for an embedded subtle energy resonance field.

Do read the instructions carefully, and pay particular attention to the sensitivity recommendations as you are likely to be hearing the resonance yourself, as well as the animal you play it for. Listening together can potentiatate and build the healing field.

If you do have sensitivity issues and want to use the resonances cautiously yourself, you may want to find someone else to administer them for animals.

Here is a selection of first aid resonances to help animals and people affected by the Ukraine war.

Ukraine First Aid Resonances

We also have a resonance for peace, and invite all to listen to this, to join together worldwide to build the collective field of peace and healing.

Listen to resonance for peace

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