Update on Source Medicine, September 2016

This is an overview of Source Medicine development over the past couple of years, with an indication of our current and future focus.

Source Medicine for Practitioners

Over the past two years we have been reviewing and consolidating the support provided to practitioners for use of Source Resonances in the west. This has been in response to feedback about inconsistency of results in the west and an analysis of resonance sales.

We have developed the following:

Source Medicine for Self-help

We have also been developing a structure for providing supported self-help programmes for the west. This has been in response to the concerns raised by some about reactions and aggravations to practitioner resonances.

We have developed the following:

Current Programmes include:

The first step with the Self-help Programmes was to address basic wellbeing and we are part way there, having developed CLEANSE and CALM. This basic wellbeing set will be completed with the RESOLVE Programmes (see below) and we will then move on to specialist topics and consciousness programmes.

Programmes in development:

We are also developing packages for specific issues such as obesity, and sets for practitioners e.g. Doula Set.

Resonance Policy

Having reviewed the resonances/remedies produced over the years, we have now created a clear framework for developing new western resonances. Broadly speaking, we make:

Source Medicine Website

Source medicine is a new approach to well-being and consciousness evolution, using a set of tools not available before, and so we are building quite comprehensive and in-depth information into the website, which is why there is quite a level of complexity and depth to the site. (In future the practitioner information will be supported by a training manual.)

SourceMedicine.Zone was in ‘beta’ development mode for the first year, with the request for constructive feedback to support this development. It has now been revised and updated with the help of feedback received. To see an overview of what is covered on the website, visit this directory.

Future Developments

Although we will continue to provide practitioner support and expand the resonance descriptions etc., having established the website and practitioner training and information, our main focus now is on: