Client Usage Instructions

Using the Resonance: Pause, Breathe, and consciously Receive

It can be helpful to be consciously present when using Source Resonances, pausing either for a moment of silence or to say the full name of the Resonance as an affirmation:

A resonance can also be used at the beginning of a few minutes of meditative stillness, which helps with allowing in and assimilating the resonance.

Unless prescribed otherwise, for the first two resonances that you use,

Observe your response as described below.

For those with high sensitivity, see our High Sensitivity Helpsheet for guidance.

We recommend using headphones when listening to audio resonances, to avoid unintentionally exposing others to the resonance.

What to watch for

Once you have used a resonance it can be helpful to note down anything unusual in your live or dreams, and any changes in:

This can help in assessing the effect of the resonance.

It is also useful to keep a note of any changes in:

Pill prescriptions

Instructions for if you have been prescribed a pill resonance by a practitioner: