Self-help Usage Instructions

Our subtle energy audio resonances are a natural and powerful way of supporting healing and wellbeing. These resonances have been used worldwide for over 20 years, with remarkable effects. They help emotionally as well as physically, and can be used to support you in both getting well and staying well.

How to Listen to Source Resonances

Sensitivity Recommendations

The audio resonance files are one minute long. For anyone with sensitivity to foods, chemicals, EMFs, sensory overload etc. it can be helpful to start with listening to just 15 to 30 seconds of the resonance, at low volume.

You may choose to listen daily - or several times a day if this suits your energetic balance. 'More' is not necessarily 'better'. What you are looking for is what supports your individual system in aligning with the energy of this resonance.

For more information about high sensitivity, see our High Sensitivity Helpsheet.

How to Use

General self-help

In non-urgent situations, for the first one or two resonances that you use, use once then watch and wait for 3 days.


If you have been prescribed a Source Resonance by a practitioner, then follow the instructions that they give you.

First Aid

In a first-aid situation the frequencey of use depends on the severity of the symptoms. Audios can be listened to continuously if necessary, until symptoms begin to ease. Then use every 10 - 15 minutes, reducing the frequency gradually as symptoms improve.

Complex or Chronic Condititions

The use of Source Resonances to support recovery from complex or chronic conditions currently requires practitioner support. We are in the process of developing a range of SourceSound programmes so that more people can benefit from the resonances.

What to watch for

Once you have used a resonance it can be helpful to note down anything unusual in your life or dreams - anything 'strange, rare or peculiar' - including any changes in:

This can help in assessing the effect of the resonance.

It is also useful to keep a note of any changes in:

Dropper bottle prescriptions

Instructions for if you have been prescribed a Source Resonance in a dropper bottle by a practitioner: