Wellbeing for COVID-19

App Research Programme

An innovative technology to support you to get better if you have COVID-19 symptoms, and to help you stay well if you don’t have symptoms.

How does it work?

Your immune system works hard for you every day to stop you getting sick from infections like COVID-19 - and we think our technology helps it in doing its job even better.

Source Medicine Wellbeing programmes offer an opportunity for us each to step into our wellbeing and our lives more fully - and this COVID-19 Research Programme is the first to be released.

The Source Medicine app uses an advanced, innovative, audio Resonance technology and delivers personalised, guided programmes tailored to your individual needs. The hypothesis is that this technology optimises self-healing mechanisms and enhances immune function and homeostasis. The re-patterning Resonances are carried on a short audio file, usually of sea waves, that you listen to a few times each day or week.

The Technology

The audio Resonances are made through imprinting the Resonance field into the ‘carrier’ audio file, which then transmits the Resonance to the user as they listen. This technology originally evolved out of homeopathy and harnesses the power of intention to support the user's innate capacity for self-healing, wellbeing and transformation.

The technology was originally devised by Peter Chappell in Ethiopia in 2002, and has been collaboratively evolved since then with Leilani van Koten in the UK. The wellbeing programmes are the result of 20 years of in-depth development and research.

Designed for your needs

There is a personalised Resonance Sequence for Wellbeing Support (to help people stay well and symptom-free) and another for Recovery Support for people who have symptoms of COVID-19. Both Resonance Sequences have regular reviews, in-app help when needed, onward referral options for additional support, and structured follow-up.

Suggested donation

£30 to £100 / $37 to $122 US dollars.
Or less/free if needed - and free for front-line workers.

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