SR Tool: Western Catalyst - Dissolving Western Entrancement and Attachment, Wakening and Attuning to Universal Life Essence.

A synergistic tool designed to support westerners in assimilating the benefits of Source Resonances.


We have observed that people in rural, traditional cultures are more immediately receptive to the effects of Source Resonances than people in the West. The new SR Western Catalyst has been designed in response to this, as a synergist to prepare the ground for the action of prescription resonances so that they are more easily integrated by westerners. The aim is to address the impact of the cultural bubble we live in - constructed through our language structures, our dominant paradigm and emphasis on thought, our life-style, consumerism, news, advertising, alienation from land and spirit.

Humanity is blessed with experiencing this world through the physical, emotional, intellectual and subtle energy realms which can harmonise in a beautiful dance of being. It may be that these aspects of being human have become out of balance in the west (primarily North America and Western Europe) partly through the dominance of western thought and the scientific paradigm effectively overwhelming the spaces between thought - the place where we may touch into an awareness of the divine nature of all.

We are raised and encultured into the dominant paradigm of thought and the consumerist culture of ‘What can I get out of this?’ rather than ‘How can I contribute?’ which are based on a dualistic view of being. The languages and world view that we embody form the limits of our perception of the true nature of being - a form of trance that alienates us from the direct experiencing of oneness as a day-to-day reality.

Through dissolving the veils that obscure our view, this resonance is designed to support us in waking up from this trance, allowing a re-alignment with Source and thus preparing the way for specific resonance prescriptions and supporting us in integrating their gifts.

Usage - Practitioner Information:

In this context 'Western' is defined as Red Zone on the Source Medicine Vitality Map i.e. Northern America and Western Europe. Other countries that are westernised may well benefit from a tool specific to their culture and history, for instance Israel and Japan. However these tools have not as yet been developed.

The specific use of the SR Western Catalyst is currently being researched. Our initial recommendations are to use it as described below but do let us know if you find other approaches that are effective. It is particularly recommended when a clear prescription is not giving the full response anticipated.

    Use once then watch and wait three days. If no aggravation, our initial suggestion is to use the catalyst daily for a week and then weekly for a while, or as you see fit. Consider repeating this after a few months, if relevant.

It may be that once a person has used the SR Western Catalyst with a prescription they do not require it for subsequent prescriptions for a while, although boosters may be helpful after some time.

From initial feedback, with clients who have high sensitivity we recommend going particularly cautiously at first, and building up gradually as described on the High Sensitivity Helpsheet. Some other clients may also benefit from starting cautiously with this resonance. See the Practitioner Page for details about prescribing and what to watch for in the client response.

Due to the esoteric nature of the subtitle, for some clients it may be preferable to use the version where the subtitle is not visible.

We would welcome any feedback about your experiences of using and prescribing this tool - either by e-mail or via our Resonance Feedback Form. Thank you.