Source Medicine

Medicine for the Soul

Enhancing conscious evolution through Source Light Resonance.

What are Source Light Resonances used for?

Current applications include:

  • Use by homeopathic practitioners. (The standard range of practitioner resonances are also still available as PC Remedies in pill and liquid form, through our affiliated pharmacies.)
  • Charitable healthcare in Africa. See Amma Resonance Healing Foundation.
  • Source Medicine Self-Help range.

Under development:

  • Source Medicine Agriculture range.
  • Source Medicine supported self-help CLEANSE Programme
  • Source Medicine Mindfulness programme.

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Since 2007 the Amma Resonance Healing Foundation has been running charitable projects in Africa using PC Remedies (the original form of Source Light Resonances) with consistently effective results. ARHF has highly successful projects treating malaria, HIV and trauma (eg from war, genocide, natural catastrophe). For more information see: ARHF.

Support ARHF

A proportion of all proceeds from sales of resonances goes to support Amma4Africa projects.

Practitioner Resonances: For October and November all proceeds from sales of SLR Releasing Influenza, TB, gonorrhoea, syphilis and Herpes Zoster, as well as SLR Injury, go directly to ARHF's Africa Malaria Prevention Project.

ARHF registration number 02098603


To consult a homeopathic practitioner who uses Source Light Resonances, see our Find a Practitioner page.

In the west the SLR Practitioner Resonances are currently approved only for use by homeopaths (or in other approved, carefully researched and supported contexts) and we recommend an appropriate level of training in how to use the resonances safely and effectively.

In western populations and with chronic conditions a multi-layered approach is generally needed over a period of time (see our new TIPPs System for more details).

TIPPs Training Video There is a video training course for homeopaths available for sale which explains our current thinking on treating the underlying causes of disease through addressing personal and epigenetically inherited Toxins, Infections, Physical traumas and Psychological Traumas (the TIPPs System). Click here for more information.

Previous websites

For customers from Detox Zone, Healing Downloads and Natural Buddhas:

Please note that we have closed these sites in order to complete the upgrade of the Source Technology behind the on-line streaming of resonances. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and if you have any concerns please do contact us.

The Boosters for Africa website has been restricted to just Africa and is recommended only for people from traditional cultures due to the significant difference in response to these resonances.

Want to get involved?

Please send us feedback about your use of the Resonances as it is greatly helpful to developing this work.

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Source Medicine Research Network

If you are interested in getting more involved, you can join our Research Network to contribute to the further development of this system of conscious evolution.

Current research includes:

  • Source Medicine First Aid range
  • CLEANSE: Cleansing and Aligning with Source programme
  • New Source Light Resonances

If you have a particular way of using the resonances in another area of life and would like to contribute to research please contact us to discuss possibilities.


The history behind Source Medicine and its evolution from PC Technology.

By Peter Chappell Hon FSHom

It started with AIDS

For a decade I had been actively involved in bringing homeopathy to countries where it was hardly present but alternative healing was desperately needed, like the countries behind the former iron curtain.

In 2001, reaching the age of sixty, I thought that I had done enough and that a home based existence would be more fitting to my age. Despite this, I felt driven by a compelling feeling coming from my heart that I should go to Africa and see whether homeopathy had anything to offer for the millions suffering from HIV/AIDS, when no drugs were arriving and masses dying. At some point, I could no longer ignore this feeling and realised that this cause was my life's purpose made possible by all my training and former experiences. So began a great adventure.

Ethiopia...... (See more)

Please also see ARHF website for more of the historical background.