Broadcasting and public viewing guidelines

Although the audio and video Resonances are not pills, they are equally impactful and it is important to us that they are used within the same ethical framework as pill prescriptions and that people are clear about what they are listening to or viewing.

If you are considering using Source Resonances in a public setting - physical or virtual (for instance informational videos) - we ask that you consult Source Medicine and follow these guidelines.

Broadcasting of audio resonances by radio and television has great potential in addressing epidemic diseases, and can be appropriate if done with care.

Broadcasting of Source Resonances in western countries (Source Medicine red zone) is not recommended due to personal life-style differences. We recommend instead appropriate use of the website and promoting the relevant links on social media.

In other countries, in order to address the issue of informed consent, we ask that the following announcement is made prior to broadcasting:

Source Resonances are an innovative way of addressing specific epidemic diseases and other conditions. This approach is based on natural methods of stimulating immune responses, and is delivered by an audio recording that you listen to, of sea waves breaking on the seashore. Please mute your sound now if you do not want to hear this Source Resonance.

Contact Source Medicine to discuss these issues further