Use of Resonances Policy

Given that some particularly sensitive or significantly ill people in western or westernised cultures can occasionally have significant aggravations with the Resonances, we have developed a clear policy about the use of the audio and video Source Resonances.

The Source Medicine website is carefully designed to:

The new Source Resonances have also been developed with this issue in mind and our Research Network is currently assessing their impact.
All existing suppliers of audio Resonances, remedies, ppds, downloads etc have been asked to link their sites to SourceMedicine.Zone in order to ensure that all users have access to the information and back-up available here.

Public viewing

Although the audio and video Resonances are not pills, they are equally impactful and it is important to us that they are used within the same ethical framework and that people are clear about what they are listening to or viewing. Consequently our policy also covers the ways in which Source Resonances are to be used in a public setting and we ask that all such uses be approved by Source Medicine, for instance informational videos. Please contact us if this is relevant to you. They are not suitable for radio broadcast for safety reasons.